Floating Market Festival - Year of the Pig 2019 - To Build School/Bridges

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2019-02-16 Start
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2019-02-28 End
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  • Status: On Going
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  • Received: $31,315 + Pledged: $925 from 42 donors
  • Start date/time: 2019-02-16
  • End date/time: 2019-02-28

Under the management of Michelle Thao and Mr. Son, a group of friends in San Diego organized a Spring Festival "Floating Market" to celebrate the Lunar New Year Ky Hoi in Thao Son Tra. In addition to the purpose of having joy time together, they also contribute to raise funds to support poor students and villagers in Vietnam. The Fortitude Educational Foundation (FEF) is very happy to be chosen by the Floating Market organizers as a companion in this charity program.
The money collected through the Floating Market program will be used to build schools and two bridges. FEF is working with the locality to summarize specific projects.
FEF uses this post to report the support money. When the three school and bridge building programs are completed, FEF will clearly note the amount transferred to those programs.

List of donors for this project: