Sleeping Bag Drive - 2019 - Part 1

2019-01-06 Start
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This weather is noticeably colder this year. Day Tran, one of the leader of Huong-Thien Buddhist Youth Association knew we had to do something for the homeless people who are still living in the streets of San Diego County and who have to endure icy cold weather and rain. When Big 5 announced its 1 day sales with a $70 sleeping bag on sale for $15, he saw a great opportunity do make a difference. He rallied the entire Huong-Thien Buddhist Youth Association and Fortitude Educational Foundation to purchase and deliver 267 sleeping bags, 281 socks, and 250 tarps - a total of $4750 worth of goods to the homeless folks in front of the Neil Good Day Center and St. Vincent De Paul on Sunday January 6th, 2019. We were able to get Big 5 Corporation to allow us to continue to buy the sleeping bags for only $15 throughout 2019, regardless of the sales

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