Bridge Building - FEF-BB9 - Hoa Duyen 16

2019-01-10 Start
0% Funded
Days to Go
2019-05-28 End
Funds raised

  • Status: Achieve
  • Project goal: $8,000
  • Received: $8,000 from 8 donors
  • Start date/time: 2019-01-10
  • End date/time: 2019-05-28
  • Location: Canal Chin Bien, Chin Bien hamlet, Tam Giang Tay commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, Vietnam.

Total Cost: 324.000.000 VND = $14,100 ($1=23.000 VND)
- Bridge 58m long, 2m wide = 300.000.000 VND
- 10 bicycles and 80 gifts to the students on the Opening Day: 24.000.000 VND
FEF's funding: 184.000.000 VND = $8,000

Chin Bien hamlet is about 15 km from the administrative center of Tam Giang Tay commune, separated by the channel of Ngọn Cá Chồn. The primary school is on this route. The villagers and students encounter many difficulties, especially during the rain season and when the water draws close to the bottom of the canal. A concrete bridge will facilitate travels and enable students to go to school more safely and easily.

List of donors for this project: