Global Outreach

At this point our global activities are still limited. However, we will continue to look for opportunities to help the underprivileged people, mainly children, in other countries in the world

Each year, we host a Fight Against Hunger event through the Friends & Family Community Connection. This event is to package thousand of bags of rice with complete nutrients for 6 days. These packages are sent to the local poor communities and the majority are sent to the malnutritious children in the world, such as Haiti...

Fight Against Hunger

Fight Against Hunger meals are developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. Each meal package provides six nutritionally-complete servings to feed starving children around the world as well as the hungry here at home - and all this for pennies a day.

Project Name / Detail Status Goal Achieved
1 - Fight Against Hunger - FEF-FAH- 2017
Ended 5,500 TBD
2 - Fight Against Hunger - FEF-FAH-2018
Ended 13,860 13,860

All other Global Outreach Activities

All other programs, activities that are not list from above.

Project Name / Detail Status Goal Achieved
3 - Global Holiday Spirit - 2018
Ended 5,000 5,000