About Us

Help enhance the education the life of underprivileged children and people globally.
Give merit-based scholarships to college students.
Provide reliefs for global natural disasters.
Give back to the Communities via various community services.

Board Of Directors

  • President: Nguyễn Phương-Anh
  • Secretary: Nguyễn Phương-Thảo (Alex)
  • Treasurer: Loan Vương


  • Entertainment: Nguyễn Hữu Quang
  • Vietnam Project Auditor: Trần Đình Phương
  • Vietnamese Rep: Nguyễn Thoại Vân
  • Vietnamese Rep: Vũ Thanh Mai

Scholarship Committee

  • Thầy Quyên Di
  • Uyển Diễm
  • Lê Tạo
  • Nguyễn Thế Vinh
Address:Phone: email:
P.O. Box 357
San Marcos, CA 92079

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